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We combine data, software and creativity to deliver what consumers want & when they want

In today’s economy, mobile phones and social media have changed the expectations of consumers in terms of speed and how they want to interact with the world around them.

In this new marketing environment “scroll and swipe” are the gestures that consumers judge the experiences they have with branded content and digital ecosystems.

Transformation of a communication department system is more than marketing in real time, it’s the right marketing at the right time.

We are prepared to help marketing departments transform themselves using smart technology tools and deliver data-driven experiences for their consumers.

Digital Star helps their clients understand the digital touchpoints in the customer journey and build strategies that engage with the brand’s target customers, at the right moment.

Experience strategy defines the customer journey path touchpoints, delivered through an integrated customer approach, connecting patterns in customer needs and aspirations. We combine data, software tools and creativity to deliver what consumers want, when they want it and in their preferred format.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Star helps clients with personalized and optimized marketing strategies and solutions that establish strong relationships throughout each stage of the customer lifecycle. The result maximizes customer lifetime value and ROI. 

Content Marketing & Social Media

Our customer engagement content & tailored social media strategy help your brand engage with your target customer, providing the information they expect, at the right time, in the right format, and on the right platform.  

Customer Experience & Design

Competing in a new digital economy requires meaning, value, and purpose with every touchpoint. Following the customer’s craving for simplicity, Digital Star helps you cut through complex processes to deliver frictionless experiences. 

Always-On Digital Campaigns

Digital Star helps clients create, implement, and optimize meaningful communication throughout the customer journey. We are committed to help our clients acquire lifelong customers through always-on, irresistible experiences.

Development & CRM

In the rapidly changing data and technology landscape, companies must equip themselves with the methods, tools and structure that connect directly with the customer expectations and how he solves problems and connects to the world.

Analytics & Performance Optimization

The strategy is never “done.” Our recommendations set in motion continuously managed activities to create mutual business and customer value immediately and over time. We use research, experience, data and technology to solve business problems. 

Addressing projects from a consumer perspective and understanding trends helps us provide solutions that deliver significant performance in business, not just superficial improvements. We use data science, creativity & technology to generate insights that help us act in the most efficient and relevant way.

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