Our Services

We combine data, software and creativity to deliver what consumers want & when they want

In today’s economy, mobile phones and social media have changed the expectations of consumers in terms of speed and how they want to interact with the world around them.

In this new marketing environment “scroll and swipe” are the gestures that consumers judge the experiences they have with branded content and ecosystems. Often the interaction with the digital interface is creating the brand (e.g.: banking, insurance).

Transformation of a communication department system is more than marketing in real time, it’s the right marketing at the right time.

It takes strategy and technology that include content distribution, marketing science, dynamic creativity and real time data for performance optimization.

We are prepared to help marketing departments transform themselves using smart technology tools and deliver data-driven experiences for their consumers.

Digital Star helps their clients understand the digital touch points in customers journey and build strategies that engage with brands target customers at the right moment.

Experience Strategy defines the customer journey path touch points, delivered through an integrated, customer approach connecting patterns in customer needs and aspirations.
We combine data, software tools and creativity to deliver what consumers want, when they want and in their preferred format.

  • Content marketing strategy and execution plans
  • Social media strategy
  • Social media programs and activation
  • Content creation
  • Media strategy & Content distribution

Execution powered by strategic insights to deliver beautiful and delightful customer interactions across:

  • Digital Design – for specific touch points like websites, mobile apps, e-commerce and more, as well as the content, data and CRM systems.
  • Technology Design – designing a connected journey, delivered across touch points end to end, from front stage (what customers see) to back stage (the organization, business process, and supporting tools)
  • Data visualization – Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a visual is worth a thousand data points. A key aspect of our ability to understand what’s going on is to look for patterns, and these patterns are often not evident when we simply look at data in tables. The right visualization will help you gain a deeper understanding in a much quicker timeframe.
  • Marketing performance optimization
  • Measurement programs and data application
  • Consumer research, insights, and strategy
  • Experience optimization

Addressing projects from a consumer perspective and understanding trends helps us provide solutions that deliver significant performance in business not just superficial improvements. We use Data Science, Creativity & Technology to generate insights that help us act in the most efficient and relevant way.